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What do people normally want out of a transformation? 
They want it to be epic, and they want it fast.

The faster you see results, the more likely you will commit over the long term. The more you commit over the long term, the more epic the transformation. That is why the transformation system focuses so consistently not only on fat loss, but rapid fat loss. But that can also be a problem; more about that later. 

Of course you can purchase an 8-week program, 12-week transformation, or many other fat loss program, but before you keep giving your money away, consider the following factors:

  1. Is the service that you are about to commit evidence-based? And if not, am I willing to put my body into a process that has no backbone and then have to fix what I broke? That means you will have to actually spend more money and time trying to achieve your goal. 
  2. You can purchase a program that starts with "If I did it, so can you." Hey! I DID it, AND YES, so can you… but this is my career. Building this lifestyle took me years to master, and I'm still learning from it. So yes, you can do the same things I do, but are you willing to commit and sacrifice what it takes to put yourself through a transformation that requires you to put your life on hold for 12 weeks? If the answer is yes, go for it! If you cannot commit, that is more than OK. Just consider a softer approach and seek a coach who understands you are busy and is aware that the process will be longer.
  3. Last and most important: MAINTENANCE. These transformations are like climbing a very inclined hill, and if you don't come down slowly, YOU WILL PUT ALL THAT BODY FAT BACK or even more. 


That is where Reverse Dieting comes to play and why it is so important. You need what is called the diet after the diet. That is the success of every EPIC transformation you see individuals on Instagram go through, where they manage to keep the weight off. 

Here is why:

  1. It starts with a caloric deficit. As discussed above, you decide to go through a transformation diet (good for you). It will be hard, and you will be tired at the end. 
  2. Once the program ends, instead of releasing an inner beast and feasting on amounts of food you never thought you could eat, you stay put. You take a big breath and increase your caloric intake or portions little by little, controlled with the help of a coach. That is a Reverse Diet. 
  3. You stay CONSISTENT. Although you gain a little weight back, you will achieve a physique that you like but doesn't require starving yourself. In simple words, it will make your body adapt to its new composition and reduce sabotage. 

DISCLAIMER: This is one common scenario, so it doesn't apply to all, but in general, this is what happens



When working on the integration of lifestyle, nutrition and training you will need to recalculate your strategy.  The body is an adaptive machine, so you will eventually hit a plateau, no matter the diet you pick. You cannot keep applying the same strategy over and over again expecting the same results, eventually your body will figure out a way to make the fat loss stop. This is most likely to happen after 12 weeks, then you want to bring calories back to a more manageable level 

So how can you achieve an epic and fast transformation? Start portion controlling or meal prepping. The easiest way is to hire a coach, a meal prep company, or even both. That depends on your budget and level of commitment. Remember that we all start somewhere and that people like me don't master perfection; we aim to master consistency. 

So if you are starting a transformation program, you will need the three takeaways: Scientific proof, maintenance and Consistency.

My integrated, holistic program transforms your current life schedule into a healthier lifestyle. The 12-week transformation is just the beginning of a bigger picture. After a fat loss phase, recovering from putting your body through that amount of shock is crucial. That is why the next goal should be building/improving your base of muscle, which will make losing even more fat easier and more rewarding. So after a fat loss transformation, searching for a new goal, like building new muscle mass, is essential. 

Have you ever heard about the terms "off-season" and "on-season" for athletes? That's basically the idea of a good training program. Some cycles/periods/seasons are used to push you to the maximum effort and get the best of you (performance and physique). The next one helps you recover. 



Staying in tune with your performance goals and desired physique will make you integrate training and nutrition into your life schedule, creating a reliable wellness lifestyle. 

Remember, investing in your health is always a win.