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Breakfast - Monthly Subscription


Start your day with one of our delicious breakfast options! No need to skip the best meal of the day anymore, our amazing options will provide the energy you need to win the day.

This is a 4 week subscription for daily breakfast (Monday to Friday)

Breakfast options include: 

  • Whole grain protein pancakes plus scrambled eggs with turkey ham.
  • Chia oatmeal with pecans and honey, organic boiled eggs and sausage
  • Turkey ham omelette, french toast, and fruits
  • 2 egg cups, plant based sausage, non fat Greek yogurt and berries
  • Waffles with berries, walnuts, bacon eggs cup, yogurt
  • And many other options!

Important Information

Meal Plans begin every Monday with meals delivered 3 times per week: SUNDAY brings meals for Monday and Tuesday. TUESDAY includes meals for Wednesday and Thursday. THURSDAY you receive meals for Friday and Saturday option. Deadline to order is Wednesday at 11:59pm. Orders placed after cut-off time will rollover to the following week!

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The ultimate way to kickstart your day with boundless energy and zero cooking hassle. We understand that mornings are a precious commodity, so we've curated a selection of protein-packed meals that require no cooking time on your part. From protein pancakes with scrambled eggs with turkey to chia oatmeal with pecans and honey and non-fat Greek yogurt with berries all teeming with flavors, each breakfast is a powerhouse of nutrients designed to fuel your day. Embrace efficiency without compromising nutrition and savor the satisfaction of a morning that's both energizing and seamless.