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About Pam

If you're new here and don't know who I am let me quickly introduce myself! My name is Pamela Sarmiento, Certified Nutrition Coach, Eating Disorder Advocate, Active Feminist, Strength Training Coach, Eating Behavior Specialist, and NPC Bikini Bodybuilder. I am the co-founder of Pametarium Meal Prep, a healthy lifestyle delivery service and coaching company with a passion for inclusivity and body positivity. I stand by the idea that every body is beautiful and that health/beauty has no shape, size, weight, culture, gender, etc. All bodies are welcome here, and I want you to feel whole in your overall life. I want you to walk into my space and become confident that I have nothing in your physical appearance to fix. YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE FIXED.

Why me?

I am here to help you heal and improve your relationship with your body. With me, you will understand that performance and physique are a consequence of having a good understanding of our body. Sure, we all want to look great NOW, it's quite an enjoyable thing, but believe me, it feels more gratifying when you do the work the right way. Back in the day, I used to be all about fitness and wanted to look stunning immediately. I didn't care much about my health; I thought, "Well, I'll do this to my hormones and health today because I can fix that later. For now, I want to look like THIS GIRL I FOLLOW ON INSTAGRAM. So I'm willing to pay the price"... But was I? Did I really know the cost of the way I aspired to look? It cost me so much that I can't describe it; all I know is that I lost myself on the way.

The Journey

After many fad diets, mental breakdowns, career setbacks, and depressive episodes, I just got tired of my self-destructive behavior. Sounds familiar? Are you also tired of that endless cycle of self-pity, self-hate, fake balance, and "unemotional" stability? Many of us are so used to pretending to be ok and have no time to take a break that when we really get the chance to breathe, we don't don't know what to do! I always knew women were meant to do something rebellious. Still, I never thought our revolution would be in the place we were locked in by the patriarchy: THE KITCHEN. Our biggest act of rebellion should be to LOVE OURSELVES CRAZY. After five years of nutrition studies, personal experiences, and life changes, I became a nomadic nutritional coach and bodybuilder. I am helping women like YOU around the world feel confident and sexy again, and that, for me, means that I made it as a woman.

The Programs

During my coaching programs, you will address wellness, not dieting or fitness. YOU WILL HAVE TO WORK on all integrated aspects of your life, especially your mindset! It's ok if you are not up to this amount of changes. My program is not for everyone. But if you are willing to open up for a life-changing experience of your womanhood, welcome to my space! All you have to do is be willing to listen and learn. Remember, "We are not what happens to us, but what we decide to do with whatever happens to us. Don't use your tragedies as leverage for an unhappy life. Change the narrative"

Pambuddha | Co-Founder and Creator | Pametarium