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About Us

Our identity as a brand focuses on healing our relationship with food. In today's society, the percentage of people who struggle with an eating disorder is extremely high. Eating disorders take many shapes and are rooted in different factors such as traumas in our childhood, our upbringing, or just a general lack of education about food. By delivering multicultural meals to your home, simplifying your daily tasks, and through constant education and coaching, our vision is to help people heal this relationship. Our goal is to empower you to create and maintain better eating habits, love yourself, be confident, and be your best version.

Why Pametarium

Who we are: We are a brand built for/by a new generation of people who identify as multitalented, entrepreneurs and multicultural.

What we do: Coach healthy habits, self-confidence, body positivity and wellness lifestyle by celebrating kindness to the body during the process of transformation.

What we believe: We believe the world can be a better place if we practice a balanced life, inclusivity, and gender equality through sharing food.

Our Anchors

Bravery | Objectivity | Diversity | Youthfulness

Our Mission

To inspire you to create better eating habits by providing you with delicious and healthy meals that empower you to optimize your overall wellness and reach your goals

Our Vision

To help as many people heal their relationship with food so they can reach their full potential.