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  • How Does Delivery Work?
Sunday's delivery includes your meals for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Wednesday we'll deliver your meals for Thursday and Friday.  Our meals are delivered in an thermal bag with ice packs to maintain the food's integrity. Please leave out the bag and ice pack for the driver to pick up on your next delivery day.
  • Do You Have a Deadline to Order?
Yes, in order to start receive your meals on Sunday, orders must be placed by Thursday at 11:59 pm. Any orders received after this time, will automatically roll over for the following week. 
  • Do You Offer Custom Meal Plans?
Our menu is carefully designed by our Head Nutrition Coach and Chef to provide you with a wide range of flavors and cuisines. If there is a specific ingredient you don't eat, you can list up to 3 items to be substituted for something else in your meals.
  • Do I Choose My Meals?
We offer over 200 meals that have been carefully curated by our chefs to provide a healthy, balanced and delicious combination. Our menu is selected by us for each week, and gets rotated constantly so you don't get tired of the same meals.
  • What If There Are Ingredients I Do Not Like?
If there are ingredients that you do not want to receive in your meals, please provide up to 3 ingredients in the note section when you place your order so that we can substitute them for something different. If you wish to substitute more than 3 ingredients, then you must choose the custom plan.
  • Do You Provide The Nutritional Facts Per Meal?
We do not work with calorie counting as we work with portion controlling so that our clients can maintain and sustain a realistic wellness lifestyle. All of our recipes are cooked with extra virgin olive oil and our veggies are mainly baked, steamed or grilled. We have two portion plans, the regular and the plus protein.  The regular portion is weighted to be packed with 5 ounces of protein, 4 ounces of carbs and around 2.5 ounces of vegetables.  The plus portion includes 7 ounces of protein, 6 ounces off carbohydrates and around 3 ounces of vegetables.
  • How Many Calories Do The Meals Have?
Depending on the meal plan, our meals have between 350 to 550 calories on average. If you require a specific calorie count, we suggest the custom meal plan
  • Can I pause my plan if I am traveling?

Of course! If you will not be in town or you just want to pause your plan, you can log in to your account to pause your plan until you wish to restart it. Simply select the new order date for it to be processed automatically keeping in mind the order deadline.