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Pescatarian Plan - Monthly Subscription


Our Pescatarian plan provides whole grains, legumes, vegetables and healthy fats with seafood as the main protein source.

How It Works

Choose how many meals you would like to receive per week: 

* 5 meals: Lunch, Monday-Friday
* 6 meals: Lunch, Monday-Saturday
* 10 meals: Lunch and Dinner, Monday-Friday
* 12 meals: Lunch and Dinner, Monday-Saturday

    What You Get: Each week, you'll receive a variety of fresh, healthy and tasty meals, delivered to your doorstep THREE times a week. We carefully create the weekly menu for you, taking the pain away from having to choose what to eat for every meal. 

    Rotating Menu: Our ever-changing recipes means you'll never tire of the same old meals. 

    Satisfaction Guaranteed: Not delighted? We offer a full refund.

    Important Information

    Meal Plans begin every Monday with meals delivered 3 times per week: SUNDAY brings meals for Monday and Tuesday. TUESDAY includes meals for Wednesday and Thursday. THURSDAY you receive meals for Friday and Saturday option. Deadline to order is Thursday at 11:59pm. Orders placed after cut-off time will rollover to the following week!

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    Dive into flavor with our Pescatarian Plan – a seafood lover's delight, brimming with fresh, nutritious meals for a vibrant, balanced lifestyle.

    Regular Portion                        Extra Protein

    • Protein: 5 oz                            Protein: 7 oz
    • Carbs: 4 oz                              Carbs: 6 oz
    • Veggies: 3 oz                          Veggies: 3 oz